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Terms of use

Akshiva website regulations, privacy policy,
terms of use and transaction cancellation (hereinafter: “this agreement”)

  1. General

    1. This agreement constitutes, among other things, a detailed document in accordance with your rights according to the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Law”) in connection with the website at the address known as “Akshiva ” (hereinafter: “Akshiva” or the “Website”) owned by Aguda Achat – the Association for Torah Social Responsibility, ID number 580593960 from 4 Mevo Chai Olam St., Jerusalem phone 02-9971553 (hereinafter: the “Company”) and all acting on its behalf/ in its name. All the terms of this document will apply also to a free user of the website.
    2. Akshiva is a website that includes a comprehensive database of advice, tips and answers to questions on a variety of topics. The company is given the sole discretion to decide which of the contents mentioned above will be displayed on the website, the length of time they will be displayed, what their location and design will be and any other matter related to their placement on the website.
    3. The company will send the answer to an e-mail address provided by the customer (hereinafter: “the e-mail address”) and can publish it anonymously on the website as well. When you submit information on the site/to the company in any other way, it is intended for storage and publication on the site, and you confirm by submitting it for publication that you own all rights to it and that you are entitled to submit it for publication. By submitting the information for publication, you grant the company a free, worldwide and non-time-limited license to store, save, copy, reproduce, distribute, market, give to the public, publicly perform and use said information at its discretion, on the website and on any other website that the company will found or cooperate with, or in any website that will replace the current website, as well as in any other additional publication of the company by any means of communication.
    4. Before making any use of the website, you must carefully read all the provisions of this agreement as well as confirm your acceptance of this agreement (as this term is defined below). Acceptance of this agreement constitutes, among other things, confirmation of receipt of a “disclosure form” according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, as well as full agreement and absolute commitment on your part to the truth and to compliance with all the statements, instructions and conditions contained therein.
    5. Confirmation of your acceptance of this agreement will be done by means of emailing back your confirmation in reply to the message to which the terms of use will be attached or by marking V when sending a question and/or an inquiry on the website (in this document: “the website”), next to the following line:
    6. I have read all the terms and conditions in this document, and I confirm that I agree to everything stated in them.
    7. The company may, at any time, change the provisions of this agreement and, if possible, notice will be given on the website, one week before the changes take effect. It is recommended you review the terms of use each time you re-enter the site, in order to comply with the changes that have taken place in its provisions.
    8. The company is entitled to change from time to time the structure, scope and availability of the contents and information provided on the website and any other aspect involved and all of them, without having to notify you in advance. Such changes will be made, among other things, in consideration of the nature of the site and the technological changes that occur from time to time. By their nature, changes of this type may involve malfunctions or initially cause inconvenience, etc. You will not have any claim or demand against the company for making such changes or for malfunctions that will occur in the course of making them. Also, the company may periodically make changes, corrections or deletions of information published on the website, and this at its sole discretion. The management of the site does not, therefore, guarantee that information you found on the site at a certain time will continue to be published on the site in the future.
    9. The company may, at any time, decide to stop the activity of the site, partially or completely, or to change its essence. If possible, a notice of the intention to do so will be given and the notice will be published on the homepage of the website.
    10. You confirm to the company that you have the authority to commit to it and to its partners and employees to meet all your obligations according to this agreement, and that you also have the right and authority according to the provisions of any law to use the website.
    11. The provision of the service and lack of liability
    12. As mentioned, the service is providing responses to the users’ inquiries and/or questions (hereinafter: “the service”).
    13. “Service” is any act or omission in connection with the service or any consultation in connection with it, of any kind.
    14. Acceptance of the service is done with knowledge and understanding on your part that the company cannot guarantee success or acquisition of knowledge, and this depends on you and the actions you take within the service. The company encourages you to treat the information published on the Internet carefully and critically, including the information published on the website, including answers to questions raised by website users or in any other section of the website. Consider this information carefully and cautiously. The information and content published on the site are not always published on behalf of the company, and it is not responsible for its reliability, trustworthiness, accuracy, or completeness. The information of the type published on the website is not a substitute for consultation with appropriate professionals, where such consultation is required. If you believe that any information is wrong, we would be happy if you let us know via the contact options on the website.
    15. Receiving the service is done at your own risk. The company is not responsible for the content of the service, the nature of the service in subjective eyes, its effectiveness, behavior and service of third parties including the respondent, the success of the user in any matter.
    16. The company and third parties with whom it is associated for the purpose of providing the service (in this agreement: “the third parties”) will not be responsible in any way either directly or indirectly, for any act or omission done by you or by any other person, even if it happened In connection with using the product, directly or indirectly.
    17. The company and the third parties will not be responsible for any damage, of any kind and manner, even if it is caused as a result of receiving the service, from reading the website, acting according to or following or in light of the answer(s) on the website and/or received by email, and/or contact with the respondent directly or indirectly.
    18. The company and the third parties do not commit to any results following the receipt of the service, and you will not have any claim in the event that the results you expected are not achieved, including not for the effort or time or money you have dedicated and the like.
    19. Without deviating from the above, in any case the responsibility of the company and the third parties in relation to any damage or other cause of action, of any kind, will not exceed the amount you actually paid to the company for the service.
    20. 9. Various types of advertisements and/or other commercial information may be published on the website, delivered to the website for advertising or embedded in it through other advertising media, including voice, text or images. This does not constitute the company’s recommendation or encouragement to purchase services or products offered for sale/purchase, and this does not impose any responsibility on the company. The company does not write, check, verify or edit the content of these publications or their veracity. The sole responsibility for the content of advertisements and commercial information lies with the advertisers. Any transaction made following an ad or information posted on the site will be concluded directly between you and the relevant advertiser. The website management is not a party to any such transaction and will not be held responsible for the services and products that will be offered in the advertisements and advertisements published on the website or purchased through them.
    21. The use of the product and anything related to it do not constitute advice of any kind, and do not constitute a substitute for professional diagnosis or professional advice or other professional service. The product and any interaction with the company and the third parties will not serve or be a substitute for a professional opinion in relation to personal, educational and other matters, and the product is not used to constitute a diagnosis or recommendation of any kind.
    22. The use of the product will be subject to additional statements or conditions or instructions that may be published by us from time to time, which will be published on the website or in e-mail messages that will be sent to you. You undertake to log in to the site from time to time or to your e-mail box in order to be updated accordingly. You confirm that various messages will be sent to you via e-mail or cellular means, which will include, among other things, advertising of products and services. To the extent that you do not wish to receive such messages or if you wish in the future to stop being on the website’s contact list you can inform us of this via e-mail, to the address: and the delivery of advertising material (only) will be stopped upon receipt of your message as stated, in accordance with the provisions of the Communications Law (Bezeq and broadcasts), 1982. It will be clarified that while we do not charge for messages or text messages, it is possible that your cellular network operator may charge a fee for receiving messages, data and other fees, and in such cases you will be responsible for these payments.
    23. The company and the third parties endeavor to provide their customers with correct, complete and up-to-date information, but they do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or up-to-dateness of such information, this is beyond the fact that in any case they are not responsible for any damage resulting from reliance on such information.
    24. The company and the third parties will not be responsible for any damage of any kind caused by browsing or using the product or website. The site may contain links to other sites and this is only as a service to the user. A reference to other websites should not be seen as any approval or recommendation in relation to these websites or in relation to information or content or products or services that appear or are accessible through them. Using these other websites, including also receiving information, content, products and services from them, is at the discretion of the user and his sole responsibility.
    25. The company and the third parties do not guarantee that the functions included in the website will operate without interruption or without error or that defects will be corrected or that the website or the application or the servers that enable their operation are or will be free of viruses or other harmful components. Also, they do not commit and do not make any representations regarding the use or the results of using the product or the materials found on the website or in the application, including not regarding their correctness, accuracy, reliability or any other characteristics and features.
    26. The company will be entitled to stop or limit features or versions of the site as well as stop or limit the type of devices it will support or perform maintenance operations which may lead to interruptions, delays or errors.
    27. It is your sole responsibility and only at your expense to take care of all the equipment that will be required to use the product, including a computer, hardware, smart phone, software, modem and communication services, etc.
    28. Customer service or advice of any kind that the company chooses to give, if chosen, will be done as a benefit only at its sole discretion. The company will not be obligated to provide these and will not hear any claim in connection with them from the customer.
    29. If you choose to receive from the company something that is not included in the transaction, you will be required to pay an additional fee to the company.
    30. The provisions of this chapter are fundamental provisions of this agreement and are a prerequisite for any use of the product by you.
    31. Privacy Policy
    32. The privacy of website visitors is very important to the company, and it is committed to maintaining it. This policy explains what we do with your personal details.
    33. Consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy during the first visit to the website allows us to use cookies every time you visit the website.
    34. The following types of personal information may be collected, stored, and used: information about your computer, including your IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, and operating system; Information about your visits and use of the website, including the source of the referral, the length of the visit, views of the various website pages, and your transition loops on the website; Your e-mail address that you entered when registering for the website; any information you enter while using the services on the website; information generated while using our site, including when, how much, and under what circumstances you use it; Information related to anything you purchase, services you use, or transfers you make on the Site, including your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information; information that you post on the Site with the intention of publishing it on the Internet, which includes your username, profile pictures, and the content of your comments; information contained in messages you send to us by e-mail or through the website, including the content of the message and its metadata; Any other type of personal information you send to us.
    35. Before you disclose another person’s personal information to us, you must obtain that person’s consent to both sharing and processing that personal information in accordance with this policy.
    36. Personal details provided through the website will be used for the purposes specified in this policy, or on the relevant pages on the website. We may use your personal information for the following purposes: administering the site and business; personalization of the site for you; enabling you to use the services available on the website; Sending information/products/services you purchased through the site; sending statements, transaction bills, and payment reminders to you, and collecting payments from you; sending you commercial non-marketing messages; sending you email notifications that you have specifically requested; Provision of statistical information regarding website users to a third party (but this third party will not be able to identify any individual user according to the information); handling inquiries and complaints submitted by you or concerning you and related to the site or the product; for the purpose of keeping the site secure and preventing fraud; Verification of compliance with the terms of service that dictate how the site is used (including monitoring of private messages sent through the site’s private message service); and other uses.
    37. We will not provide your personal details without your consent to any third party, for the purpose of their direct marketing, or to any other third party.
    38. The company may disclose your personal details to any of its employees, managers, insurers, professional advisors, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors, to a reasonable extent and as required for the purposes specified in this agreement.
    39. We may disclose your personal details to any company in the company’s group of companies (subsidiaries, umbrella company and its subsidiaries) to a reasonable extent and as required for the purposes specified in this policy.
    40. The company may disclose your personal details: as required by law; in the context of any existing or future legal proceedings; In order to establish, exercise, or protect the company’s legal rights (including providing information to others to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk); to the purchaser (or potential purchaser) of the company or of any business or property that the company acquires (or is considering acquiring); And to any person who we reasonably believe may apply to a court or any competent authority for the purpose of handing over the personal details where it is reasonable in our opinion that that court or authority orders the handing over of these personal details. Except as stated in this policy, we will not provide your personal information to a third party.
    41. It is possible that information that the company collects will be stored, processed, and transferred between each of the countries in which we operate, in order to allow us to use the information in accordance with this policy.
    42. It is possible that information that the company collects will be transferred to countries that do not have data protection laws that correspond to those indicated in this agreement.
    43. Personal details that you publish on the website or submit for publication on the website may be available, via the Internet, around the world. The Company cannot prevent the use or misuse of this information by others.
    44. You consent to the transfers of personal information described in this chapter.
    45. This chapter details the data retention process and policy, designed to help ensure that the Company complies with legal obligations relating to the retention and deletion of personal information.
    46. Personal details that the company processes for any purpose or purposes, will not be kept longer than is required for this purpose or these purposes.
    47. The company will take reasonable organizational and technical precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information.
    48. We will store all the personal details you provide on secure servers (protected by a password and a firewall). While these systems reduce the risks of unauthorized access to the site’s computers, they are not completely secure. Therefore, the site management does not guarantee that the services on the site will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them.
    49. All computerized financial transfers made through the website will be protected using encryption technology.
    50. You acknowledge that the transmission of information over the Internet is inherently insecure, and the Company cannot guarantee that data sent over the Internet will be secure.
    51. Please notify the company if it is necessary to correct or update your personal information.
    52. The website uses cookies. A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) sent by a web server to a web browser and stored in the browser. The ID is sent back to the server every time the browser requests the server to display a web page. A cookie can be of any type and may be stored in your browser and remain valid until the expiration date set for it, unless deleted by the user before the expiration date; Or expire at the end of your current browsing time, when you close the browser. Generally, cookies do not include information that personally identifies users, but personal details that the company stores and that concern you can be linked to the information stored and obtained from cookies.
    53. A significant number of websites or browsers allow you to refuse the use of cookies.
    54. Deleting cookies will have a negative effect on the ease of use of many websites.
    55. The company may change the provisions of the privacy policy from time to time. If substantial changes are made to this policy, to the instructions regarding the use of personal information you provided, a notice will be published on the homepage of the site.
    56. Intellectual property
    57. The website, the product, and all the contents, data, information, designs, trade names and symbols that will be found in these, as well as this agreement, are the sole property of the company, and constitute, among other things, a “literary work” as defined in the copyright law, 5558- 2007 and “trade secret” as defined in the Commercial Torts Law, 1999-5579. You may not copy or transfer or publish or market or exhibit or translate or imitate or distribute or sell or decompile or re-engineer or in any other way exploit these materials and any such content. Violation of this prohibition will constitute a violation of the company’s rights according to any law and according to the provisions of this agreement and will entitle the company to all remedies available to it.
    58. The company does not transfer to you any right in anything whatsoever, including not in information or material that you may download to your personal computer, etc., these will remain in the full and exclusive ownership of the company and at most you will have the permission to use them only subject to the provisions of this agreement.
    59. The company does not guarantee that other users act or will act according to the terms of this agreement and it will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused as a result.
    60. Limitation of claims

    Any cause of action that you may have in connection with the use of the product or in connection with this agreement or anything performed or not performed following it and everything similar to these, will expire within one (1) year from the date of its actual formation even if it is not known to you at that time, and you will be permanently barred from suing because of that cause. This provision constitutes an “agreed limitation period” according to Section 19 of the Limitation Law, 1958-57.


    1. Violation and remedies
    2. If you violate any provision of this agreement, you will not have any claim and/or right and any liability against the company
    3. You hereby undertake to fully indemnify the company or any third party with which it cooperates for any expense incurred directly or indirectly as a result of a violation of the provisions of this agreement by you, including legal expenses, attorney’s fees and all other expenses, immediately upon receipt of such a request.
    4. Miscellaneous
    5. Any prohibition that applies to you according to the provisions of this agreement, you must not assist or allow a third party to carry it out.
    6. In the event that a competent court decides that any section of this agreement is invalid for any reason whatsoever, that section will be considered as if it had been drafted from the outset in a way that would reflect as much as possible the original intentions of the parties. The other provisions of this agreement will remain in effect.
    7. Only the company will be entitled to assign its obligations and rights according to this agreement to a third party, and in the aforementioned case they will no longer bear any responsibility towards you.
    8. The company will have a right of set-off against you, but not the other way around.
    9. This agreement and everything arising from it and/or everything related to it shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the State of Israel.
    10. The exclusive jurisdiction is given to the competent courts in the districts of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Jaffa, in the State of Israel, and to them only.
    11. To the extent that the company chooses not to make use of any right it has under the provisions of this agreement or according to the provisions of any law, this will not be considered a waiver or delay on its part and it will be entitled to make use of any right it has or will have at any time at its sole discretion.
    12. To the extent that there is a contradiction or inconsistency between what is stated in this agreement and what is stated in another place such as the website, an e-mail message, etc., the determining factor will be what is stated in this agreement, except if it is explicitly stated otherwise in the aforementioned sources.

    Last update: 08/08/2021

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