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Akshiva was founded as an address for you, Haredi men and women who have questions about faith and Jewish philosophy or face various personal challenges. Here you can receive responses while retaining your anonymity.

For this purpose, we have put together a team of experienced Charedi responders, including teachers and rabbis, therapists, and counsellors, who had undergone special training before starting to respond to your questions. They receive your questions through email or through this website, listen to you and try to reach an answer together with you. They will do so with professionalism and sensitivity, fully attentive to whatever causes you pain and hardship.
Our responders are all volunteers and receive no renumeration from any source.


Dear applicants,

Please note the following points:
1. All questions on the website are authentic and were published here to you can read them and perhaps benefit by them.
2. Not all questions are published. If you opt for not having your question published, or if we decide it’s better not to publish the specific question, you only will receive the answer by email. Additionally, even when we do decide to publish a response, we might edit the question or the answer before doing so.

3. An important disclaimer: the responses provided by Akshiva don’t replace consulting a professional.

Akshiva is a thoroughly Charedi organization and as such it is entirely committed to Torah and halacha. Our willingness to accommodate every question and meet people where they are doesn’t contradict our position that Moshe emes veTorato emes/Moshe is truth and his Torah is truth, according to the interpretation of our sages in all generations up to and including the Gedolim of today.

Akshiva is committed to obeying Gedolim in all decisions we must make. We regularly consult Torah scholars familiar with the organization and involved in our activities.

Our responders were carefully selected for belonging to the Charedi community while being impeccable professionals. They are all graduates of yeshivas and seminaries, working in Charedi institutes and recommended by the Torah scholars working with us as suitable for volunteering in Akshiva
Naturally enough not all responders are the same and each will answer according to their personality, worldview, and style, and mainly according to their understanding of the applicant’s situation
We rely on their on the character and judgment of our responders, bud don’t take responsibility for their advice. As far as it concerns practical steps, everyone should consult his or her rabbis
If you find any obvious mistakes or problems in any of the questions or answers, please let us know
For any question or feedback about the site or the organization, please contact Michael Nachtiler,

The use of this website is subject to the terms of use detailed in our Terms of Use document. Please read them first. By using this website, you accept these terms in full. Click here to read our terms of use.

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לפעמים התשובה נכונה לשואל בלבד ולא כדרך לרבים, ובמקרה כזה התשובה לא תתפרסם בכל מקרה, אלא תישלח לכתובת המייל שציינתם.

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